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Who will I become?

If you've been following my story this week, you know that I'm right at the point of raising 2 kids as a single parent on a personal training income. Let me tell you, trainers don't make much $$.

I worked at 3 different health clubs owned by the same person. I bounced between the 3 clubs teaching group exercise as well as working the floor as a personal trainer. I trained one on one as well as small groups. My bread and butter was the small groups. I thought if I could get as many small groups as possible I would totally be fine. And then the unthinkable happened. The club that was large enough to train my small groups closed. With that went half of my income! HALF which was NOT enough to live on......Now what?

I quickly realized that I could no longer support myself or my 2 kids on my income as a personal trainer. I had to find a "real job". I hadn't worked for YEARS in a 8 - 5 job. I had NO idea what that even looked like. I went from stay at home mom to an instructor, to a personal trainer. I didn't have a resume for Pete's sake! I didn't have a computer, I didn't have work clothes, I had nothing!!

So, I pulled up my big girl panties again and started looking for a real job. I needed help! I just simply couldn't do it by myself. Enter the Career Training Institute! I credit this amazing place 100% for helping me transform my life. They existed to help single mothers get back into the work force. I took computer classes there, they helped me write my resume, they helped me get some work clothes and low and behold I applied for my first job and GOT IT!

I was the new Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health and Wellness Fitness Educator!!! Talk about a change of pace and a renewal of life. Now I had a salaried job, benefits, a 401 K, an 8 - 5 normal job with weekends off! I could financially take care of myself and my kids. I had it all!

In the 2 1/2 years I worked there I gained 12 pounds of body fat, developed low back pain along with neck pain and went from a very active lifestyle to an inactive lifestyle (even though I still worked out on my lunch hour, for 30 minutes). But it wasn't enough to offset the balance.


I was now experiencing what many of my clients experienced for most of their work life!

I had become sedentary.

Sound familiar? Share your thoughts and comments below.

Stay tuned for part 4


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