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Workout Wednesday


👉Hovers (or planks) as some people say are one of the best ways to engage ALL muscle groups.

WHAT? Yep, you heard that right. It's easy to maintain this position when you do it mindlessly. (Ok, easy might be an overstatement) but it's a LOT tougher when you engage your quads, tuck you hips under, make apples, (not applesauce) meaning SQUEEZE your booty like your life depends on it, and pull that navel into the spine. LIFE your upper body UP out of your shoulders and keep your head neutral.

💪THIS makes is a lot more effective and much harder.

Here's your challenge:

Hover 5 times today for 1 minute each! You can modify by dropping to your knees!!



FORCEFIT20 = Power Strength = FUN! See you today at 12:00 mst fb live




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