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You can do it too!

Literally the easiest pasta dish I've EVER made and YES....I even made the pasta! I'm so excited, I wanted to share.

A couple of weeks ago I took an online COOKING CLASS! It was so much fun, you have no idea!! Check out my friend: If you sign up for a class make sure you mention me. She promises a surprise!

Here's the recipe-


olive oil (like 1/4 c)

1 handful of spinach

6 cherry tomatoes

1/4 c. white wine

2 sausage links

cook it all together


1 1/2 c. semolina flour placed on a big counter space in a big pile

Make a hole in the middle, pour water in and mix it around until it turns into dough

Let rise, then divide into half and make snakes, cut 2 finger width apart and poke 2 fingers down into the segments and drag to make a crevice.

Seriously, might sound difficult, but it's NOT! Try it and take a pic and tag me!