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A very Mystical and Infamous 2024 podcast!

Check out the latest Mystical and Infamous podcast with a live Theta Healing demo. In the last podcast we shared about triggers. THIS podcast we talk about how to work through them and actually release belief systems!

Releasing What Triggers You: Theta Healing Demonstration

Ever felt an emotional volcano erupting inside you, triggered by seemingly insignificant events? We've all been there. This episode of Mystical and Infamous, hosted by Blaire Stanislao offers an eye-opening exploration of emotional triggers, encouraging you to pause, assess, and react wisely to your emotions. Drawing from our personal experiences and ancestral teachings, we unravel the roots of our triggers. We debunk the myth of comparison and celebrate the individuality of our healing paths.

Fear - particularly, the fear of death, is a universal emotion, but did you know it impacts healers in unique ways? As we delve deeper into this episode, we share our experiences with this fear, revealing how it traps us and how we have learned to release it. Venturing into the mystical realm of theta healing with Anneliese Swingle, we guide you through a live demonstration to help you let go of your death-related anxiety and teach you to thrive amidst challenges.

Check it out right HERE:

2024 is going to be YOUR year to HEAL!!

Let me know your thoughts...and thanks for listening.


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