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Are you ready for part 3?

Well, I sure am!

Part 3....hmmm, what does that look like?

I think it looks like where I am today. I feel like I'm just entering into a new era of what I'm trying to create next!

Sooooo....I'm off social media (in regards to my work life) and can be found here on my website/blogs, and of course in my own app! We've been diligently working out the kinks and the bugs with GREAT success I'm happy to report. 😁 (If you want to know more about my monthly workouts--just check them out here: )

Also, I'll be adding programs to my app if you're not interested in my monthly workouts, like an 8 week workout program, Core training program--things like that. Super stoked of course!!

I guess what I'm trying to create is a new way that I do ME! I want to simplify, consolidate, reassess in order to create a more stress free life for me!

🔥 I want to live life consciously--not going through each day unconsciously. I want to EXPERIENCE life not try to "get through" it. I love my quiet time, meditation, journaling, working with crystals, consciousness cards, working in my yard and basically loving life, not just living it.

So, here's to conscious living my friends. Live well, love all and laugh often!


If you're feeling punky and need a little "pick me up" I put together this AMAZING juice yesterday. And you need a juicer, not a blender (fyi)

💥6 swiss chard leaves

💥6 small Fugi apples

Not even kidding---it was SO good--just what I needed. Scoop off the foam from the top, give it a stir and enjoy!




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