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Changing relationships...

I've shared about this before, but probably not from this north node/south node point of view. 🤪

I blogged about what I'm navigating in this lifetime, (see blog post from 10/30), and part of my navigation has been completely about healing my addiction to....FOOD! (South node)

😋 Maybe it sounds silly, but an addiction, is an addiction. It's no different than having an addiction to gambling, alcohol, sex, prescription drugs, porn, etc. The biggest difference is you WEAR the addiction so everyone can see it.

😔 Healing addiction to ANYTHING is to first become AWARE that it's there. For anyone that struggles with addiction of any kind, that's the hardest and most important step (or can be).

Awareness is a game changer. Waking up to reality allows you freedom. I've always known it was there. I just didn't know WHAT it was. NOW that I do, I control food--so it doesn't control me. I'm in charge, not food. I realized that in order to be in "charge" of food, I had to change my relationship with it.

Just like any and all relationships--there are healthy ones, and unhealthy ones. Since food is a necessity, I CHOSE to change my relationship with it, rather than get rid of it altogether. In doing so, I've been able to find the blessings of it and show gratitude for it. Understanding that I CHOOSE to eat foods that are for my highest and best good (or not) gives me POWER over it. That in itself is liberating.

So, maybe it's just a simple matter of choosing what's for your best and highest good (or not). Control it? Keep it? Or release it, the choice is yours. There is ALWAYS free will to choose.

When dealing with an addiction of ANY kind, it's changing the relationship to it that is freeing!

Cheers to freedom!


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