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Detox KICKOFF starts today!

Today is the OFFICIAL kickoff to the: JANUARY RESET!

We are hanging out in the FB group FIT FORCE for basically the month of January! It's been REALLY motivating to see all the engagement, support and love from the tribe.

We started January 1 with the Daily events calendar! WOW--talk about fun AND did I mention there are prizes to be won? It's a great way to start off the new year.

And starting today the #fitforcefam will be joining together to support one another as we:

💥get rid of inflammation

💥increase exercise

💥meal prep

💥follow a plan

💥increase water intake

💥hold each other accountable

💥increase stamina and energy

Easy peasy right? Even TIM is doing it! You can join along too. It's NEVER too late to order an official detox plan from Biotics or Orenda, but you can also just dump the white flour, white sugar, dairy and caffeine and play along!

CHEERS to the 2021 January RESET!


FORCEFIT20 is all about Cardio/fusion today. You gonna make it? 12:00 mst via fb live.

Here's the link to join--it's NEVER too late and you get 3 classes a week and access to ALL the workouts you want at any time at your fingertips!!




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