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HOLY COW!! The detox results are in!

In my Fit Force group, we started a CHEMICAL detox January 6th and ate only organic fruits, vegetables and legumes (or some organic meats) for 10 days working with the Orenda progam. The challenge ended January 15th and I can't wait to share the amazing results with you!

20 people turned in their weight and inches lost....

Drum roll please: 127.5 pounds lost and 50 1/2" lost!

NOW! The idea of a detox is to reduce inflammation and rid the bod of unwanted chemicals right? But the TRICK is continuing ON with the journey.

There is a LOT to be said about accountability and support! It's easy to do it when everyone else is on the same's a LOT tougher on your own.

Soooo....CHEERS to being in a tribe! Come on tribe--keep it going!



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