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Empowered or victim?

Yup! Hard to believe that's even me!

How did I go from being a victim to an empowered human being?

Well, it wasn't easy....

First of all, I had to own it. All of it. My flaws, my faults, and everything I had created in my life--- the good, the bad, the ugly!

Second, I had to do something about it to change it. I had to take ACTION! I wanted to change MORE than I wanted to stay the same. Let me tell you CHANGE is uncomfortable.

Ego has a TON to do with staying the same, OR changing. Ego is the built in defense mechanism or the soul. It doesn't really like change. So I had to break that down because I was miserable being a victim in EVERYTHING I did.

So, I changed my life. I changed everything about it. Losing weight was HARD, maintaining it even HARDER, but not as hard as staying the same stuck in a body I wasn't happy with. I divorced, I raised 2 kids on my own, I changed jobs, I recreated myself TWICE! I'm STILL creating myself and who I am striving to ultimate self!!

And yes, there's no looking back. I'm so glad I did what seemed impossible. I overcame obstacles that I never would have thought possible. I did have help along the way however....people who came into my life at just the right time to help guide me, hold my hand, comfort me, assure me that I was making the right decisions.

Just know YOU are not alone. Empower yourself and take action today!!