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Motivation Monday!

Nothing like a little Corona virus to help motivate you to decorate for the season. I finally changed my calendar from March to April. (don't judge)

Now that we've got all this new found "time" at home, we can really put it to good use if we CHOOSE!

It's so ironic now that we have TIME to take care of things we typically put off like:

1) Meal prep

2) Exercise

3) De-cluttering, rearranging, cleaning, catching up, filing etc

4) Self care

5) Yard work

Oh the list is endless. But the point is... although we didn't CHOOSE for this to happen we can CHOOSE how we handle it right?

I mean, we can react--or we can ACT!

Let's take ACTION and take advantage of this situation for what it is!

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home


Looking for a way to take care of yourself??


It starts April 13th and runs for 2 weeks. What do you get?

* Exercise goals

* Food guide

* Education (FB lives)

* Support and accountability

* Chance to win PRIZES

All for $35 (refer a friend and get entered into a drawing for a prize--refer as many people as you want and increase your chances of winning!)

Check it out and sign up ASAP!




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