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Solar Eclipse and Healer Fair oh my!

Saturday October 14th was HUGE! Why? Well, let's start with the obvious---the Body, Mind, and Spirit fair of course!! It was a smashing success. 🔥 The fair was held in Helena at the Rocky Mtn. Development Center, great venue! Loads of people came through, there were great raffle give aways and a ton of high vibing energy abounded! This year I did mini astrology readings. 🪐 So much fun helping people see their potential. I know it sure changed MY life! My raffle was a FREE Body Consciousness Session. And the lucky winner was Linda McClure! WOOP WOOP!!!

🌓 And what were we graced with on Saturday? An amazing Solar Eclipse in Libra! My hubby captured this pretty cool photo while in Bozeman. Solar eclipses are not only cool to look at, they are also known to bring chaotic energies with them. Being in the zodiac sign of Libra can create a feeling of instability in RELATIONSHIP! All one on one relationships whether in work life or in personal life can feel the current. Sooooo....ride the wave baby. Surrender to whatever is coming up and know that this too shall pass!

And lastly---the New Moon in Libra also graced us on Saturday. Libra is all about creating balance in one on one relationships. It's trying to figure out the Me versus We scale of balance. How can I do WE without losing ME! What a great time for ceremony...set those intentions. If you're feeling "emotional" about certain one one relationships---you're feeling NEW MOON IN LIBRA energy. Look into yourself deeply.... When you are a better ME, you will be a better WE!

Cheers to CEREMONY and LIBRA!!


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