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The best of times and the worst of times...

We just returned from our long awaited vacation to Shreveport, LA to see our grandbaby, son and daughter-in-law only to get caught in a MAJOR storm the first night that knocked out the power for the entire time we were there. The storm left 250,000 people without power during an excessive heat warning. Luckily, Austin had the foresight to buy a generator at 6 am and 2 air conditioners to quell the heat.

What we experienced was what I call the best of times and the worst of times. We witnessed a head on collision--called 911, tried to go help them and ended up needing help ourselves because we got stuck in a ditch. We slept on mattresses in their living room floor. We took cold showers. None of us slept well. We were exhausted, irritable and HOT! These were the worst of times....

But what we also experienced was GREAT homemade food: Penne A'la Vodka, Smoked queso, ribs, brisket and bird bombs. We went to Sci-port, Bass Pro, drove around in the air conditioning looking at houses and the damage. We witnessed the amazing love of neighbors--giving and receiving help. But mostly, we laughed until we cried. These were the best of times.

My life is forever changed....


Cheers to surviving a power 4 day power outage and an excessive heat warning!


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