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Transformation Tuesday!

It's LITERALLY been only 4 weeks in the Enlightenment program for Kandy and her results speak for themselves! What would it be like if YOU were down 17 pounds and 9.35" in just 4 weeks my friends? Check out what it's like for her in her own words!!

4 week reporting! I had my 4 week check in call today and Anneliese Swingle asked me to do a testimonial/report. #win I lost 17.1 pounds through this morning. i have lost 9.35 inches through Monday morning.
#nonscalewins There were three I noticed. First, the exercises I couldn't even get through a complete round, I can accomplish a lot more including getting into some of the necessary positions. More importantly for me, I can walk again without my back cramping up so bad I couldn't move. Finally, I have managed to work the exercise and meal planning/cooking into my routine so it isn't such a hassle for me.
She also asked me to post progress photos. I personally can't see a difference in the photos but they are attached.

I just love reports like this! And it's why we share what the scale wins (pounds lost, inches lost) as well as take pics, because THEY DO NOT LIE! And those non-scale wins....PRICELESS!! Thanks for sharing Kandy, and congrats on your success! Can't wait to see what the next 4 weeks bring!


It's TRX Tuesday in the HOUSE! The Fuel Fitness house that is. 12:10 - 12:50. Come and give it a try! You won't know if you like it until you try it! Check it out FOR FREE!



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