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Transformation Tuesday!

👉THIS is what I'm talking about! Sandra says it all right here better than I ever could. It's truly not about the destination, but about the journey to get there! Take a read: 👇

Hey everyone! I can't believe it has been over a year since I was first introduced to Anneliese and started on this journey towards a more healthy lifestyle. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I feel towards everyone in this group. Each and every one of you are an inspiration.

Unfortunately, this is my last day at part of the group, although I will still be hanging out in Forcefit20. I'll miss you all, but just need to focus on other things at the moment. This doesn't mean I intend to stop taking care of myself. I'm committed to keeping up eating healthy and getting in moment every day. I'm far from perfect but I know what I need to do - thanks to all of you!

Some final closing comments:

⚡Lost 20lbs ⚡Smaller pants, shirt, dress size ⚡Sleep better - most of the time ⚡Hair, nails, skin, eyes - healthier and brighter ⚡Energy level - that has been down lately but offer the last year has drastically improved ⚡Mental clarity - so much better most of the time ⚡Blood work - much better all the way around compared to a year ago

I still have work to do. I know that. For now I am choosing to just maintain while I get through some difficult times at work and then will reassess.

Keep on truckin' everyone! XOXO

Congrats girl! It's been a pleasure being on this journey with you!!




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