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Transformation Tuesday!

Let's just take a moment shall we? I want to share a little bit about Linda and her journey. Losing weight isn't JUST about eating right and exercising. It's SO much more than that. It's truly about changing your mind. When you change your mind, you change your body. Linda is proof of this. Take a read. Share your thoughts and give her a HUGE atta girl!

#12weektestimonial WOW!!! I completed 12 weeks and it really flew by! I felt like I only gave 70-80% effort on my program; however, as I look back at my scale wins, I realize that I have been more successful than I thought!!!! 12 weeks= 13 lbs down and 15 3/8” gone overall!!! WINNER Biggest changes? MINDSET... but of course I’m still working on this (this aspect will definitely be a FOREVER project!!) Issues that were once significant and easy triggers are now only occasional and lesser triggers. 2 of my favorite things I’ve learned so far are (1) breathing- I like the counted breath in, hold, counted breath out) and (2) before eating mindlessly and rummaging, step back, ask myself, “ am I going to feel guilty if I continue on and eat this?” Yes or no, it’s on me!!!! Several non-scale wins I’ve had: (1) increased to include a muh greater amount of activity into my daily routine, (2) decreased to absent joint and muscle aches and pains, (3) my clothes fit better- I recently had to buy new smaller bras, & (4) my sleep is a much better quality. I’m excited to announce that I’m just starting to scrape the tip of the iceberg with my “ME Journey”, so I decided to invest in myself and I signed up to continue on in the 12 week empowered living program. I’m proud of how I’ve moved forward on my health journey, but with Anneliese’s guidance, education, tips and encouragement, I set new scale & non scale goals. Thank you to all of you for the encouragement: victories & struggles. KEEPING IT REAL is what makes this program successful! Here’s to the next 12 weeks!! (Pictures on left are from day 1 and pictures on right are day 90)



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