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Transformation Tuesday!

💕When I REALLY look outside at all nature has to offer truly is possible to be transformed by it.

This pic sums up what it felt like in my body....breath taking. I had to stop, pause and catch my breath. Montana gets some pretty spectacular sunrises and sunsets, but this one really spoke to me. Transformed thoughts = transformed minds!!

✨It is 100% authentic and unfiltered. I had to ask myself "how often do I show up in the world authentically and unfiltered?" I know I TRY to always present my best self, but do I do it 100% of the time? I would say: NO---? Why? Because I'm human?

👉Let's face it, being human is HARD sometimes. (Ok, most of the time.) It's hard to NOT stand in judgement of something as being right or wrong, good or bad. Or to NOT believe my opinion is the only opinion.

I believe the BEST that I can do is just love unconditionally regardless of others beliefs that are in opposition to mine, regardless of what is right or wrong, good or bad. the end, all that matters is ME taking care of me unconditionally! Right? 💥




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