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Tug tug and tug some more!

⚠The tug of war of life!! ⚠

Feel like your always in a tug of war? Like life is always in flux, hard to navigate, a competition, stressful and downright unfair?

🤗You're not alone...

So why do you think you have to go it alone?

Do you have: an accountant? a lawyer? a doctor? a dentist? a massage therapist? a hair stylist? a chiropractor? basically a professional to assist you in times of need?

🤷‍♀️Then why wouldn't you have a health coach for the same reason?

You invest money in SO many things you "need" like cars, cell phones, computers, homes, but do you invest in your health outside of the "necessities"?

Life doesn't have to be a tug of war. 💥 It's NOT meant to be figured out all on your own. So maybe, just maybe it's time to invest in YOU!? 💥

✔You are necessary!

With love,



Forcefit20 = cardio/strength fusion! I love Monday's! Especially after holidays! HAHA!! Tune in today 12:00mst via fb live. See you soon.



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