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Wear it loosely!

What does it mean to wear it loosely?

For me, it means don't let "it" whatever "it" is constrict you to the point it cuts off your circulation and airway!

Sometimes, when I'm feeling trapped, controlled, restricted, depressed, sad, lonely or put ANY other adjective in there that resonates with a negative feeling I have to remind myself to: WEAR IT LOOSELY!

If the goings on in the world or in life itself seem too burdensome to bear...WEAR IT LOOSELY!

I promise: THIS TOO SHALL PASS and the sun will rise again tomorrow.

When I wear life like a straight jacket, it becomes tighter the more I fight it. If I wear it loosely I can breathe easier and don't feel the need to fight as much.

Here are just a few things that I do to "keep it loose" 😍

1) I journal things I'm grateful for DAILY

2) I BREATHE! Whether it's thru meditation, or actually taking 10 deep breaths DAILY

3) I draw a motivational/power thought card DAILY

4) I get plenty of sleep and drink WATER DAILY!

Notice that these are things I do DAILY! Consistency is key here!

Cheers to wearing it loosely!!



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