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Welcome Dear October 🍂

🍁This is the time of year when we can settle back into routine, slow down for a brief moment before we enter into the holiday frenzy season.

As you know, with the holiday frenzy season comes:

1) Stressing more

2) Eating more

3) Sleeping less

4) Working out less

Which equals WEIGHT GAIN! ERGH! I want to offer you an option that just might keep you off the hamster wheel of, ya know, all the above.

ENTER---- (drumroll please...)

The Forcefit20 Challenge! For 3 months you get to track your workouts and earn points, and REFER a friend and earn points towards a FANTABULOUS FIT KIT valued at $200!!!

Please share this post with EVERYONE you know, to start earning your points and to get everyone set up and in the Forcefit20 group!

Reminder: NO NEED TO HAVE FB! All classes are now being streamed from my website! ANYONE can join, any fitness level! Easy peasy!

Go to: to join!

Stay tuned for exciting prize teasers that you'll find in the FIT KIT!





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