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Welcome to March!

🤔 Could THIS be your lucky month? We have some exciting things once again going on at the Force Fitness studio! Let me be the first to share some exciting events that you may be interested in attending!

3/16 Thursday at 6:30 (Force Fitness studio) Jessica Peterson from Wild Willow Wellness apothecary will be sharing her amazing talents with opportunities galore for healing with herbs, weeds, and tinctures! This is a MUST see to believe!

*Bring $ if you want to purchase some products, and an offering to the Divine.

3/30 Thursday at 6:30 (Force Fitness studio) Suzanne Morgan from Wild Oak Wellness will be offering a Zen Wellness class. This is a session all about self love and what your purpose is in honoring your self love journey. *Bring an offering to the Divine.


👉🏼👉🏼 If you, or someone you know, wants to be a part of something bigger--something that supports us in our evolutionary healing journey--then join the Body Consciousness fb group: We are about helping each other thrive and supporting each other on healing one BODY at a time. Feel free to share this email!


💪🏼 Forcefit20 is going strong! We've changed our format to offer strength training 3 days a week now. Boy can I feel a difference. We go live every Monday (TBS - Total Body Strength), Wednesday (Power Strength) and Thursday (Core Strength) at 11:10 am. The workouts run between 20 - 30 minutes in length and include a warm up and cool down. If you or someone you know needs a little "incentive" to work out--this is a GREAT place to get it. Please feel free to share this email!


💫 We have a POWERFUL full moon in Virgo coming up on Tuesday March 7th. It's a GREAT time to let go of the past! Release ALL that doesn't serve you. While you're at it, don't forget to integrate what it is that you want to create. Full moons are a great time to manifest---so don't forget to put it out there.

💫 Then on March 21 we honor a New Moon in Aries! This is a great time to plant seeds of intention. New moon in Aries says--slow down, be intentional. What seeds to YOU want to plant to help manifest this? Need help? Let's talk ceremony and what that looks like for YOU! I can look at your astrological chart and see where the moon falls in YOUR chart and what may be coming up for you!


Lastly...have you been wondering what it's like to have a Theta Healing session? A Holy Fire Reiki session? An astrological chart reading? Wonder no more...make an appointment right here!

See you soon and HAPPY MARCH!!





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