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What is happiness?

I write a lot about transformations, recipes, fitness but I don't really talk much about happiness and what it truly means to me....

To me--it's about freedom! 🕊

❌Freedom to be who you authentically are without judgement of SELF! ❌

IMO (my humble opinion only) I believe we, in general as society, care more about what others think; and operate in the world dependent on what others think-- not on what WE think. Then when we DO think--we feel judged...(or so that's the story we tell ourselves) this thought process is what keeps us jailed, trapped, paralyzed, comfortable and behind bars.

😒 I literally lived my life dependent on what others thought about me and how I operated in the world. In fact, it was to the degree that I didn't even know what I thought. When I made a decision, I always thought others were judging me, BUT in reality it was ME who was judging ME not others!

Discovering this was LIFE changing, liberating and so freeing. Now, I operate in

the world based on what I believe--what I choose--how I choose and I am responsible for ALL of my actions and my beliefs NOT what others say I should believe or how I should act!

❤ Independently thinking is self individuation. I maintain--I could not become a WE until I became a ME! I could not be free, happy until I discovered ME!


Mind blowing! 😲


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