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Food prep 101

Honestly, the best defense is a good offense.


If you want to be successful in achieving your health/weight loss goals you MUST prep for it. Prepping is life changing. It allows you to be in control of what goes into your mouth instead of leaving it to chance.

Leaving food intake to chance heightens the possibility of making poor choices out of sheer hunger.

Fast food, processed food, sugar, caffeine, pop are all readily accessible foods and quick fixes to HUNGER when we haven't prepared for real meals.

Food prep 101 tips:

1) Pick one day a week to meal plan

2) Grocery shop and prep your veggies/proteins that same day

3) Portion out your meals in storage containers that you can grab and go

4) Make mason jar overnight oats for quick breakfasts

5) Freeze smoothie baggies full of fruit/veggies then add the protein powder and liquid when ready

So many easy and quick preps you can do to be successful!

Share your meal prep ideas!




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