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Shawna's journey...part 2

Shawna's extensive foot surgery was a SUCCESS!! Her surgery went 6 hours long. It was a bit more involved then the doctors thought it would be. They could not fix everything and there may still be a deformity of her foot, but they are hopeful it will heal and she will be able to use it pain free. This surgery is her final attempt to heal her foot once and for all, as the doctors told her they didn't think it could withstand another surgery! 😬

Shawna will be in a cast for 6 weeks and won't be able to put any weight on that foot the entire time. So, she's working remotely and uses a scooter to get around or she just crawls everywhere. (Good thing we got her upper body nice and strong to haul her bodyweight around). 😃

Now the real work begins...the inner work. Stay tuned for more on her emotional and spiritual healing journey. The journey into the subconscious and what gold nuggets it holds there for her inner healing...



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