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Happy NEW YEAR!! 🥳

Here's to 2022!! Is it gonna be naughty or nice for you?

We've really been on quite a ride these last 2 years. Isn't it about time this year was NICE?

What's nice is knowing what you want, what you need and a clear cut way to get it.

🙈 Nah...I'm not talking GOALS--I'm talking aspirations!! What do you INTEND 2022 to look like for you! Do you aspire to do the same old same old better? Or completely differently. THAT'S the question!

👉 If YOU want to look at Goals/Aspirations from a different lens, hit me up. I have a GREAT worksheet that will help you clarify what it is you WANT and NEED which will allow you to SEE how you can get it!

May the FORCE be with you (Force fitness that is).


Your truth teller and coach!


📣 So excited to announce the winners of the "Refrain from the Gain Challenge" We have been REALLY working hard with daily calendar tasks, getting in 10,000 steps a day, drinking half our body weight in water and moving 30 minutes a day. Measurements were taken, along with pics and weighing in! NOBODY gained weight! GREAT news! So without further adieu....

1st Place: Renee Q. (and her little buddy Kaydon) $120

2nd Place: Siobhan H. Wellness basket

3rd Place: Angie O. Force fitness apparel

Congrats to ALL 43 people who participated! I'm forever in awe of the support and love you all bring to the Forcefit20 group! AND if you want to be a part of the workout crew, you can always join here:


🥂 What does 2022 have to offer so far? A DETOX! Yep, join us in the Fit Force Group January 3rd. You can do the 7 day detox (whole food detox), Orenda (it's a BOGO right now) or Biotics (which I'm happy to order). Hit me up if you're ready to get off the dreaded sugar train.




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