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Huge Sky Events...


WHOA! There are some pretty amazing sky events coming our way that will impact ALL of us on levels we can't even imagine...but, IF you are going through any type of relationship issues right now, YOU ARE FEELING IT already! These relationship issues can range from relationships in your career, in your family, friends, and/or significant others. As they gotta "feel it, to heal it".

On March 20, we enter into the Spring Equinox in Aries. ♈Aries is all about the ME, the 1st house on the Zodical wheel. Aries starts the Zodiacal year and represents new beginnings. Just like Spring is beginning, while Winter is ending. We're saying goodbye to winter (the old and outdated, and saying hello to spring, the new and improved).

Then on March 25 we have a FULL Moon in Libra ♎ and also, a Lunar eclipse in Libra ♎. Libra is all about relationship - it represents the WE, the 7th house on the Zodical wheel.  We are being asked to let go of the RELATIONSHIPS that no longer serve us to make room for ones that do. WOWOWOW! These energies are SOOOO big, that the world is experiencing it one way or another and so are we individually!

So, if you're 'going through it' in any sort of relationship--trust that it's all for your highest and best good! Want to know more? I'm happy to help...just hit me up! Let's talk.

Cheers to evolving!


Your Metaphysical Trainer




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