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I hope you're taking care of yourself...

🎉 We have an exciting opportunity coming up April 29th at Helena ATA at 3320 Dredge Dr. Ste. B! If you're looking for a little self care day, come and hang with us at the Health and Wellness Fair.

Force Fitness will be there showcasing CEREMONY! We have put together a "Little Ceremonial Kit" just for you at a mere $55.

Ceremony is just PART of the Mind, Body SPIRIT approach Force Fitness incorporates into HEALTH and WELLNESS!

🕯️Ceremony honors everything we have learned on our journey through life.

🕯️Ceremony shows intention

🕯️Ceremony assists with manifestation

🕯️Ceremony is life changing

👉🏼 If you want to learn more about ceremony, come see us! Do a Self Care Oracle card pull, or purchase a crystal bracelet-- better yet--grab a "Little Ceremonial Kit" and start manifesting with CEREMONY!

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