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I won the clean plate award daily!

Growing up in a household of 3 kids, we were told to clean our plates before we left the table! If our eyes were bigger than our bellies in taking seconds--we STILL had to clean our plates before we left. I became a great plate cleaner.

In high school this worked ok since I was so active, but once college came around and I wasn't as active it was NOT ok. Add in the introduction of alcohol, pizza, sleep deprivation and stress then you've got a recipe for disaster aka: thyroid crash! 30 pounds later, I was depressed as hell, out of shape, embarrassed and very sad. How could I have let this happen to me?

Fast forward to marriage and a new baby, my ah HA moment came when I was invited to an aerobic class by a friend. I was so excited to go, but terrified all at the same time. I was extremely overweight and had NO idea what fitness was anymore. I hadn't moved my body vigorously since high school! But I went. I went like a dog with my tail tucked between my legs, embarrassed, humiliated and ashamed.

Ummm....can I say the rest is history? I loved that class so much it literally saved my life. From that point on I knew I had to move. I loved the music, I loved everyone moving as a unit together, I loved everything about it. It changed my life!

Shortly after that class I was the one in front instructing it. I was the one making everyone move to the rhythm. I was finding ME again! The person who used to move. The person who was always active. The real me....



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