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It's time to say goodbye...

It's a bittersweet thing...saying goodbye. 😊😥

As they say, timing is everything.

🤯 It's time I said goodbye to social media. I know, crazy right?! Here's the deal, I will be leaving FB and Instagram professionally, not personally. If you love my inspirational, informational posts PLEASE follow my blogs right here:

🔥 I'm excited for this new chapter in my life. It's time... As I've been watching ME grow and change, so has my business. It's grown into me building my very own FITNESS APP! 😄 It's the next logical step for what is unfolding in my career.

So, feel free to follow me through a different platform, my website, for more fun, motivational, inspirational nuggets. If you want to be a part of my Forcefit20 group to have access to my workouts, hit me up for access to my app.

Good bye FB and Insta--this bird is leaving the NEST!

Love and hugs to you all!


🙏For my faithful blog followers, I'll be sharing less--while growing more. It's one way of simplifying my life. When I DO have amazing info to share, you'll get it piped in directly via email. just like always.

It will be sporadic, not daily. Creativity and spontaneity are the spice of life. It's what lights my fire and keeps it burning. Blogging is an important part of my creative outlet. And YOU are my WHY that I do it!

If you have questions, concerns, comments, anything you want to share...I'M STILL HERE FOR YOU! Just reach out. I'm always available for a great laugh, cry or if you just need a shoulder.

So CHEERS to transformation! Thanks for growing right along with me. I'm going to my next level....




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