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Motivation Monday

Just LOOK at this beautiful world we live in!

We are so fortunate to breathe fresh air, be out in nature and live our best life possible.

So the question is:

👉Are YOU living your best life ever?

So many people I work with WANT to, but just can't seem to put themselves first. Or they can't keep the momentum/motivation going. Or they can't find the time, have the energy, the know how---you name it, it's a thing.

WHY? Why is this a thing? Why can't we seem to "stay on track"?

💥I say to you: what if THAT'S not the thing?!

There, I said it, "staying on track" is not the thing. It's simply a symptom of something MUCH bigger, something underneath the symptom.

THAT'S what I like to dig into. I want to find the CAUSE to the symptom. Eating right and exercising is just a temporary band-aid. In time it falls off.

Are you ready to go beneath "the thing"?


Cardio/fusion = INTERVALS! Yes---it's time! Grab your dumbbells and lungs and let's GO! See you at noon mst fb live in the Forcefit20 group.




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