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Row row row your boat!

Honestly, there is NOTHING like getting outside BREATHING in the fresh air and experiencing nature.

How blessed are we to live here in Helena, Mt just a mere 20 minutes away from water where we can get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

There is NO better way than being one with nature to help boost the immune system. You just GOTTA do it. Being one with nature is a great way bring cortisol levels down.

Here's some other great tips:

1) Ground yourself daily. Get your feet in the grass BAREFOOT and just BE!

2) Get outside, hike, walk, play tennis, float, move and just BE outside.

3) Breathe! You have GOT to breathe by doing exercise, yoga, meditation or whatever it takes to get the breath work in.

4) Take ZINC, Vit. D3, and Vit. C daily! You can't get enough of this stuff!

5) SLEEP! Get some shut eye every night at least 7 - 9 hours.

6) Control your stress levels. Unplug daily. Get off of social media, turn off the news, play music SING AND DANCE like your life depended on it!

Any other ideas? SHARE!


Forcefit20 is REPLAY day! Pay attention to the announcements. I'll put the workout in there!




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