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Scary dairy...

If this isn't a testament to what dairy can do to a body, then I don't know what is....I love honest words. Check out what Linda had to say about her experience with "dairy"

So I hate it when Anneliese Swingle is right...she tells me to avoid cheese...well have been having small amounts in snack packs with no problems...this morning went with 2 oz because out of eggs...well stomach has been bloated & not happy since...darn it. Hate it when that happens. Just shows need to listen. Darn

This is one of the reasons I tell my clients to pay attention to how their BODY feels after eating inflammatory foods. Our bodies are AMAZING at talking to us, but sometimes we don't receive the message.

Bloating, gassiness, nausea, headaches, upset stomach and fatigue are just a few of the ways our bodies talk to us. When we ignore these messages, our bodies quit talking to us until we get sick, then it's just a matter of time before DIS-EASE sets in.

Feeling ill all the time is NOT normal. It's AB-normal (get it? AB-normal) meaning you'll feel it in the ABS!

Listen to our bodies--they know more than our brains do!

Cheers to health!



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