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Self care vs. self love = grace!

🤔 What are your thoughts about self care?

When you think about self care what emotions come up?

  • Guilt

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger

  • Angst

  • Unworthiness

😲 If reading these words cause a stir, I invite you to sit with it just for a moment. Breathe into the emotion that triggered your stir and just be with it for a moment in time. If it's too much, step out of that feeling for a minute and observe yourself from a higher perspective.

Self care can be such a foreign thing for those consumed with busy-ness. It can also be a huge buzz word and trigger. What is it for you?

Maybe let go of the NEED to 'achieve' self care and change the emotional buzz word or trigger to self LOVE. Loving yourself enough to let go of what you CAN'T change (busy-ness, lack of time, exhaustion etc.) and bringing in more of what you CAN change. This is called GRACE!

💫 Let your ego take a brain break and give your soul some much needed tenderness, understanding and love by doing just ONE thing that you can do---give it GRACE.

Try this affirmation: "I completely love and accept myself as I am today"