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Sisterly love

This is NOT a filtered pic! I repeat, this is NOT filtered!

We got these two sister brat cats 4 years ago as little barn babies, wild as Hades! Meet Khaleesi (the calico) and Sansa (the black tuxedo). Yes, that may have been during the height of Game of Thrones....what can we say. 🤷‍♀️

These 2 gems have brought us much joy, laughter, frustration, and lots of hair. But why do we love them? Because they make us laugh more than frustrate us!

😻Today is share your pet pics!!! I want to see YOUR fur babies! Send me your pics!!



Forcefit20 is going to STEP it up a bit!! You ready? BRING a step and let's get to it! See you at high noon mdt fb live!!




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