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So, I was sick...

For those of you who know me, I mean REALLY know me, know that I don't get sick often and when I do, I bounce back pretty fast. 💪

😮But these last two weeks tell a very different story.

I feel compelled to share with you my plight. If this helps just ONE person, it will have been worth the vulnerability exposure.

👉Back in October, I came home from my Florida trip to help my baby girl wedding plan with a bladder infection. Not to overshare, but in just 2 days I was urinating pure blood. The fact that it happened on a weekend did NOT help at all. I didn't want to go in to the ER, so I self treated until I could get some antibiotics into my body. I bounced back in one day.

I went back to my usual activities, but couldn't help but notice a pronounced belly bloat. It felt different than the norm (if you know what I mean). My stomach was hard and it seemed like my bladder couldn't hold as much as usual. I ignored it. 🙄

Fast forward a month later I was flat on my back with a high fever, chills, massive headache and stiff neck for 4 days straight. I tested negative for covid, so I chalked it up to a bug. On day 5 I turned the corner and went back to my normal activities. 🙊 BUT I will say, my urine did not smell right. I actually wondered if I could possibly have a kidney infection, but once again shook it off. Day 6 I was MORE than exhausted. By day 8, EVERYTHING, every symptom returned with a vengeance. I wasn't sure I was going to make it. Long story short, a very good friend saved my life. She was well versed in kidney issues and came to the rescue to support and heal my kidneys.

😎What's the moral of this story? LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION! My body gave me all the answers, all the signs and I ignored them and it almost killed me. Kidney infections, or ANY kind of infection is serious. If you have an inkling, a nudge, a feeling....DON'T poo poo it. Listen to your body. It might just save your life!🙏

Thoughts? Feelings? Please share--I want to know if you've experienced something similar or anything you may have learned from this. Thank you for reading.


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