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Staying afloat

Ever feel like it's all you can do to stay afloat with everyday life?

You're not alone.

Sometimes your flotation device might take on water, sometimes it might loose air, sometimes it might not fill up with air.

What do you do?

Do you react or respond?

Reaction is often our knee jerk reaction filled with emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, hatred, self loathing, disdain and resentment just to name a few. These are all low vibrational energies. They are rooted in fear.

Response is often detachment filled with emotions such as love, joy, excitement, peace, faith, trust and hope that are high vibrational energies. They are rooted in love.

Next time you find yourself floating in unfamiliar waters trying to stay afloat are you going to react or respond?

You have the power and choice to decide!


FORCEFIT20 is the power of 5! Coming to a time slot near you! 12:00 mdt fb live. See you soon!




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