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Transformation Tuesday!

Progress over perfection! This is what living a real authentic life is about. There's no such thing as being 100% all of the time. That just sets us up for failure, and failure turns into hopelessness and depression. These words of Maggie's speak truth and reality! Life is about LIVING not about deprivation. There will always be ebb and flow! Take a read...

Congrats girl!!

#5monthtestimonial #keepingitreal No pictures or stats this time. Just keeping it real. I started this journey with Anneliese five months ago. There are so many things in my life that have improved. I am now more active, I choose to eat better foods most of the time, I have lost weight. When I am on my game I feel better, I sleep better, I think better, and I look better. I lost 23 pounds at my lowest. I'm now at 19 pounds lost. My BMI and % body fat is down, muscle mass up so that's good but I seem to be stuck.