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Transformation Tuesday!

😍What does it look like when you pack 8 grown adults into a van?

THIS!!! THIS is what it looks like!

❤Today's transformation post is dedicated to all the parents who have watched in awe their babies grow into young adults!! Here's to all the tears, joys, sorrows, laughs and hugs we as parents have experienced along the way.

I remember VERY clearly when my last baby left the nest. 😢 WOW so hard. I mean how do you go from being a mom who takes care of babies for 24 years to NOT.

THIS is the transformation of the mind, heart and soul. It's what every parent experiences to one degree or another--the transformation of self!

For me, I had to reinvent my wheel. My world revolved around my kids--until it didn't. THEN I had to recreate the wheel to revolve around me.

Did I feel selfish? Maybe? But only because I was programmed to feel that way. I've since learned it's all about knowing THYSELF. I really can be a WE until I'm a ME.

👉So THIS picture right here reminds me of ME taking care of me and the memories of when I was a WE.




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