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What does it take?

🤔What does it take to be healthy?

This month will be my 30th year working in the field of health and fitness! 30 YEARS!! Can you believe that? I sure can't.

I've lived through all the fad diets, fitness trends, have TRIED every fad diet, and taught high impact aerobics, step classes, body pump, spinning, crossfit, as well as wore all the cute thong leotards, sweater socks, leggings...I've seen a lot, done a lot and let me tell thing remains the same.


I've gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, lost weight--but consistency got me through all the trends and fads. I'm the ultimate guinea pig.

If I can share ONE piece of advice it's to be consistent. Consistent in your eating, in your exercise, in your sleep and in your water intake.

Consistency will be what gets the job done long term. It's literally what has gotten me through 30 years of ALL the exercise trends and diet fads.




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