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Wanna know what makes me CRAZY?  

Nutrition trends!  There, I said it!  This topic continues to eat at me (literally) because it’s making us sick, crazy and fat!  Nutrition trends, much like fitness trends are just that…trendy without any REAL research backing them up.  Let’s take for instance the low fat craze.  Fat was considered the devil and we, the public, were told to buy only non-fat or low fat products.  We removed fat from our diets and truly believed that fat was the culprit making us fat.  As we removed fat, they–the producers–removed it as well and replaced it with sugar!  We know differently…now, but do we?  That was awhile ago, but the lasting affects have been HUGE.  People STILL think fat is bad to this day despite the latest research proving otherwise.  This is just ONE example of many.  

With Keto, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach, Mediterranean diets out there it’s no wonder we are confused as to WHAT the heck we are supposed to eat and how much.  We are told calories in must be less than calories out is the only way to lose weight.  No wait!  It’s intermittent fasting that gets the weight loss results!  

What IS the answer?  What if the answer was YOU?  You are the BEST judge as to what works for you right?  You probably already intuitively know what you can eat and what you can’t (to a degree) right?  

So, why not work with a professional to find out HOW to discover what works for YOU!!! Navigating through the madness doesn’t need to be done alone.  There IS a solution out there that is designed JUST for you, why not find out what it is!



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